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Seven Hills Fitness prides itself on being South Yorkshires number one corporate health and wellbeing company specalising in on site health and exercise classes.

We deliver outstanding health and exercise workouts for employees of all abilities. One of our highly qualified trainers will deliver a fun, energetic and engaging workout at your place of work!

Classes include;

  1. Boxercise (boxing skills with bodyweight exercises)
  2. Kettlebell clash (A high intesnsity workout with kettlebells)
  3. Crazy core (A workout focusing on defining and developing your abs)
  4. HIIT (High Intesity Interval Training, using your body weight)
  5. Resistance band (Concentrate on isolation exercises with tubular rubber bands)
  6. Yoga (Develop strength and suppleness with this 2000 year old exercise)
  7. Pilates (Develop core strength and increase flexibility)

Benefits to your workforce include;

  1. A reduction in absenteesim (up to 37%)
  2. An increase in productivity (up to 49%)
  3. A boost to team cohesion and bonding
  4. A healthier happier workforce
  5. An employee beneift that positvely improves their health

We are working with Sheffield City Council, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and the National Move More project to help promote an increase in corporate Health and Wellbeing.

Seven Hills Fitness corporate Health and Wellbeing service is the only employee benefit that has a direct positive impact on your business. With the cost being tax deductible there is no better way to give back to your workforce.


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