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My name is Barry Wood and I am the managing director at Seven Hills Fitness. I have always led a fit and healthy lifestyle since I was a young boy. Football, rugby, athletics, you name the sport and I did it. I figured out pretty quickly that the fitter I was the better I played. So I trained, a lot. This led to me playing rugby at a national level, a sport which I continued to play until very recently.

Although sports were always part of my life it was the fitness element that was my passion. I studied A level sport and biology at college and went on to earn a 2:1 Sport science degree at University. During University I completed my Level 3 personal trainer and started using my expertise and experience to help others.

Working in various gyms, bootcamps and fitness centres I soon began to understand the factors that prevented people from achieving their fitness goals. Time, location and practical implications of training are the 3 main factors preventing people from getting the body they have always dreamed of. Knowing this I didn’t want to be like every other personal trainer out there, I wanted to provide a company and service that eliminated the barriers preventing people from training.

Here at 7 Hills Fitness we provide access to the highest standard of personal training, whether it is at your house, at your place of work or any time over the web. As well as world class physical training we also provide the nutritional and goal setting required for anyone to achieve their goals. Smash down the barriers preventing you from becoming the best version of yourself.

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